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Anchor (quicksandala, Morguefile)

Centred Sun
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Stone Face & Flowers
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Youth Advice

Anchor You need a High Ideal.
In wild storms, the High Ideal is an anchor into the spiritual world that will stabilise you and even rescue you.
Treasure and nurture your chosen High Ideal in your heart...

Put the Sun at the centre of your life. The Sun is like a High Ideal.

Glastonbury Sun

"Adults give very bad advice to young people when they say, ‘Go for it, make the most of it, because youth does not last. If you only knew how quickly it passes!’ It is true, their youth has passed very quickly, but why? Well, precisely because they listened to this harmful advice when they were young and rushed to enjoy themselves, to experience every pleasure, which is the surest way to lose one’s freshness! So, since these are the facts, people draw conclusions. Yes, but if the facts are what they are, it is because they did not know beforehand how to observe and reason correctly.
What I, myself, would say to young boys and young girls is this: if you work for the light, for a high ideal, the older you get, the more alive and expressive you will become. You will even acquire a life and an expression that you did not have when you were younger. Of course, you will stoop a bit, you will have a few more wrinkles and grey hair, but do not let that stop you: allow your body to age gracefully and remember that your soul can continue to manifest through it with an extraordinary youthfulness."
(O.M. Aïvanhov)

Stone Face & Flowers

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