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Pregnant mum
by tree in sun
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Birth Plan

"If there is one thing you can do RIGHT NOW to ensure your best birth experience, it’s this: choose a care provider who is an EXPERT in the type of birth you are planning. If you are planning a safe, skilled cesarean birth, you should hire someone who is an expert at cesarean sections. You wouldn’t hire a doctor to perform that procedure who said, “Well actually I’m not really comfortable with that type of birth, but I’ll let you do it if you want, I suppose….” If you’re planning a safe, natural, unmedicated birth, you should hire someone who is an EXPERT at supporting natural birth. A doctor with a 30% c-section rate is not a natural birth expert. Neither is a doctor who does routine episiotomies, or doesn’t understand how to catch a baby unless mom is [lying] on her back. A doctor who says, “Well, most of my patients do end up getting an epidural, but if you want to go natural you can do that, I suppose….” is NOT an expert in unmedicated birth. When you find the right care provider, they will understand your birth plan before you even show it to them, because it’s what they already do every day!" (Lauralyn Curtis)

Pregnant mum by tree in sun

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