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Flower Mandala
(tammcd, Pixabay)

Sunny Mountain
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Flower Mandala
(tammcd, Pixabay)

Flower Mandala thought form
Positive Thought Forms

Thought forms are invisible energy constructions or patterns created by our thoughts.

O.M. Aïvanhov says, "If there is one thing that is important for you to know, it is that every thought, even the most insignificant, is a living reality. Thoughts can even be seen, there are people who can see them. Of course on the physical plane, a thought is invisible and intangible, but it is no less real: in its own region and with its own subtle matter, it is a living, active being."

William Bloom explains, "
Human beings, with their imaginations and their thoughts, mould and create energy. So, if you think something, it’s not just something going on internally in the synapses of your brain. There’s also something happening projected out into the ethers. And if you feel something, equally, it’s not just a hormonal activity inside your skin, it’s also sent out as a vibration.
And human beings have this ability to create forms, to think with this kind of thought energy. They can think and imagine and visualise there are particular forms - that sit there floating around." (
6m15s, posted 15 May 2020, accessed 16 May 2020)

Sunny Mountain thought form

Here we consider positive thought forms.

O.M. Aïvanhov elucidates:

"What in fact is the work of thought? Subtle but unorganized matter exists both in and around us, for it has not yet been given any form. Our thoughts hold the power to shape this matter, and our role is to use it like modelling clay in order to become creators in the world of beauty, harmony and light. The things that people create on the physical plane are important, of course, but their psychic creations are infinitely more important, and it is upon these that they will be judged by heaven. As most human beings are not in control of their own thoughts, they fill the world with monstrous, diabolical creatures that go about spreading evil. On the other hand, disciples, who understand the power of thought, try to produce only beneficial creatures that will bring light and peace to the world."

Lilla Bek adds:-
  • And very often when there is a group meditating, a kind of angelic thought form appears in the middle. (Lilla Bek, What are Thought Forms?, track #2, 1m25sexcerpt)
  • Thought forms have special qualities and the animal ones are not necessarily dangerous at all. Very often the thought form of an animal can save a human being. (Lilla Bek, What are Thought Forms?, track #2, 0m0sexcerpt)
  • So, we can see that as far as our thought forms are concerned, that they can be wise ones, they can be golden ones, they can be angelic. And we ourselves become what we think. And therefore we will change and become ugly in the face, in our features, in the body, if we think in the wrong way. (Lilla Bek, What are Thought Forms?, track #4, 11m10sexcerpt)
Flower Mandala thought form

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