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Prof Hasan Arshad, chair in allergy and clinical immunology at the University of Southampton and honorary consultant physician, says patients are sometimes known to develop allergies after a life "event".
"That event could be a number of things, for instance gastroenteritis, an infection that causes a stress on the immune system. It could be a hormone event, it could be physical stress," he explains.
"There is some experimental evidence that once the immune system gets an 'insult' of some kind, that leads to the breakdown of tolerance, and food that was tolerated, the immune system reacts to it."
He adds that the number of people in Western countries being diagnosed with allergies is growing, which is believed to be linked to "ultra-clean" environments in contrast to those of previous generations...
[He] ...says allergies can have a profound effect on patients' mental health. "A lot of people report that they are afraid to go out, and this is common in children as well. They are constantly living in the fear that they may have a reaction... this can be quite devastating." (Adapted from BBC, posted and accessed 25 February 2019)

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One study published in the March 2009 Pediatrics, suggests that children who get measles are less likely to have allergies. (‘Vaccine Debate’ article, Mothering #155, July-August 2009, p.46)

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