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Negative Gossip
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Gossip Gathering 1Gossip

Gossip can be defined as idle chit-chat
about another's personal matters.
This article shows there is usually little idle about it.
Is it valuable human resource or destructive force?

Gossip has come to be equated with its destructive meaning.
Apparently, we should shut up and not gossip.
Yes, gossip can be about spreading damaging stories about people for personal gain, to manipulate social status, or out of insecurity or envy, or from hate.
All about backbiting, betrayal and lies.
Social media shows so much of this!

Negative Gossip

Yet this negative marking of gossip by society is also a way that patriarchy controls women. By keeping women silent, patriarchy avoids its abuses being exposed - as women are the ones who tend to ensure tribal cohesion through communication.

Zipped Female Lips graphic

This points to gossip's precious evolutionary purposes!
  • Talking about possible abuse and abusers is the primary way to ensure that abuse stops. Think #MeToo
  • Gossip helps bonding in large social groups.
Evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar says that language evolved to aid social cohesion. Language conveys social information. To be human is to gossip!

So, aim for authentic and/or compassionate interactions!!

Gossip Gathering 2

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