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Woman turning inward
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Sun window fantasy
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Woman turning inward Thank You Quotes

Each day devote at least a few minutes to introducing harmony within you. Close your eyes while making an effort to free your mind of everyday worries and direct it toward the summits, toward the sources of life that flood the universe. When you feel you have stopped the flow of the thoughts, feelings and images flowing through you, pronounce the words ‘thank you’ inwardly. These are the simplest of words, but also the most powerful – they unravel all tensions within you. When you pronounce them, you are in harmony with the divine and you come out of the narrow circle of your limited self in order to penetrate the peace of cosmic consciousness. Remain in this state as long as you can, and when you come back to yourself, you will feel that new and very precious elements have been introduced into your being: serenity, lucidity and strength. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

“Take a moment to be grateful every day.”...
I am grateful for everything. The good times and the bad. The joy and the suffering. Each has a big role to play in shaping me, and while I may prefer sunshine and rainbows over rain and lightning – those hard times help me learn how to better prepare for the inevitable return of such conditions...
Being thankful is a great way of building deeper friendships too. Sharing your gratitude with those that help you will only reinforce your friendships, and hopefully you get the opportunity to return the good deed done on your behalf.
Speaking of that, in the martial arts, being grateful is one way of not letting your hype and fame blow up your ego. I have seen a fair share of athletes that shined quickly and where once they showed gratitude now showed an open hand demanding for more. Don’t be that person. It is toxic and a friendship destroyer.
(David Avellan, posted and accessed 27 November 2018)

Sun window fantasy

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