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Sun in Hand
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Sun through Arch
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Devil mask,
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Emergent Sun
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Fantasy Gargoyle and Lightning Negative Entities

Like psychiatrist M Scott Peck, author of People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil, I believe evil entities exist in the Invisible World. They can possess humans.
Like him, I believe it is rare. Most inner demons are more likely to be psychological complexes that have split from our identity and seem separate, as explained in Alfred Ribi's Demons of the Inner World: Understanding Our Hidden Complexes.

The best protection against real demons is: (1) a virtuous life (e.g. get a High Ideal); and, (2) spiritual exercises with light and the sun. Read more here.

Sun appearing to be held by young man

"Very few doctors in this day and age are willing to admit that certain psychic disorders are caused by entities from the astral plane, which have penetrated human beings to feed off them and wreak havoc. In their view, chemical elements are responsible for preventing the psyche from functioning properly. It is true that chemical elements are at play, but these elements are the realization of the presence of harmful spirits that people themselves have unconsciously attracted. These spirits proliferate in the astral world, and if people open themselves up to them through their weaknesses and transgressions, these entities enter in and cause a great deal of damage.
These facts are very well described in all the sacred Scriptures, which explains why religions place such importance on the rites of purification. But medicine, which does not grasp the meaning and the depth of these texts, persists in using chemical compounds to remedy the disorders created by a disorderly life. In failing to treat the causes, they maintain people in a state of illness." (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Angel Woman and Devil Woman

"All sorts of dark entities try to seduce humans. They must know how to recognize them and how to respond. To answer them, they can simply say ‘no’.
Human beings' true power lies in saying no. No one in the world can make them do something they do not want to. Not even God can force them. If humans knew where their true power lay, they would triumph over every seduction, every temptation. If they make mistakes, it is because they consent to them. Evil spirits have the right and the means to tempt them, but they have no right to force them. It is through ignorance of their divine origin that humans succumb to the onslaught of evil. When they are able to say ‘no’, the spirits of darkness leave them and the spirits of light come to serve them. Each time they win an inner battle, each time they resist temptation, they receive light and strength." (O.M. Aïvanhov)

"You sometimes meet very sensitive people and highly sensitive mediums who are in a deplorable state because they have no means of defending themselves against astral entities. It is good to be sensitive to the invisible world, provided you first exercise judgment and will-power. To make contact with the invisible world, you must abandon yourself, one way or another, to the influence of spirits. But not all spirits of the invisible world are favourably disposed towards human beings. Some take advantage of defenceless human beings and deceive them, use them and steal their energies. And after a while, these poor souls are completely exhausted and disoriented.
It is not enough to feel an attraction for some aspects of occult sciences. A genuine master will tell you to wait the necessary time and to prepare yourself. The day they consider you to be sufficiently purified and strong, it is they who will unveil the truth, and then everything you wanted to see or know will become accessible to you." (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Sun through natural stone arch

The Devil

"When people talk about the devil, they do not know exactly to what cosmic or psychic reality this word corresponds. Firstly, the devil does not exist as an entity opposed to God and on an equal footing with him. Those who claim the devil appeared to them have only imagined it. Spirits of light exist and so do spirits of darkness. It is this group of dark spirits that we call the devil, and this collective force is nourished and reinforced by people's negative thoughts, feelings and actions.
We can also say that the devil is a part of human beings themselves: their lower self that they have continuously fed during their reincarnations by reason of their weaknesses and vices. However, an entity of light also exists in humans: their higher self formed thanks to their thoughts, feelings and actions inspired by kindness, generosity, love and sacrifice. Throughout their lives, humans are torn between their lower self and their higher self, and it's up to them to decide which of the two they would like to see materialize."
(O.M. Aïvanhov)

Devil mask, trident, rose

"How is it that so-called monotheistic religions have theories that refute the very basis of their belief? They say that God has an enemy, the Devil, who is just as powerful as he. As if God were not the sole master! What kind of religion has a God with an enemy that he cannot strike down? By presenting him as incapable of overthrowing his foe, how do they expect his greatness and omnipotence to be recognized?
And the worst part is that many see this enemy of God everywhere, infiltrating human beings in all kinds of forms. So they try to fight him in humans by accusing them of being heretics, hellhounds of Satan, or the Devil’s offspring, by excommunicating them, and seeking to wipe them out. All those who persecute other people in this way, on the pretext they are on the Lord’s side, become in reality the very assistants of this Devil they claim to oppose, and constantly reinforce him. This is what they must one day come to understand."
(O.M. Aïvanhov)

Emergent Sun

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