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10+ World Delusions

(1) Reality as perceived by most humans is the real world.
  • "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)
  • Someone applied the dystopian science fiction world The Matrix to our world: "The Matrix is real. It exists inside the minds of the masses as a form of social, cultural, political and educational indoctrination. A collective psychosis."
(2) Modern Technology and Science is the answer.
  • We glamorise all the gadgets when we have so much violence on the planet, including so much against women and children. Science has freed us from the constraints of superstition and blind belief, but reductionism has established its own chains that disallow certain truths (e.g. life beyond death).  We need to learn how to relate, to explore the Inner World, utilise the ancient technology of body and Spirit.
(3) Money growth is the answer.
  • Despite the crash of 2007, we stick to the GDP capitalist model of continual growth and planet rape. Instead of GDP, GNH (i.e. prioritising well-being) is advised. See here and here.
  • Dangerous Delusions is an interactive resource by Global Justice Now that explores seven economic myths.
(4) We are isolated individuals.
  • Quantum physics, shamanism and mysticism tell us that we are all interconnected. If we are - from one angle - everything, then we need to look after the planet and others. And yet it is important to have interpersonal and physical boundaries when handling the world - as some people exploit us.
(5) Competition is good/healthy/desirable.
(6) Vaccinations & Drugs & Medicine have saved the world and are the answer.
(7) Death is the end.
(8) Hospital Birth is safer than Home Birth.
(9) Meat eating is necessary.
(10) Tribal people are savages and backward. Colonialists discovered and deserve ownership of their land (e.g. Australia, USA, South America).
  • "...the language of colonists has long had a tragic part to play in the destruction of tribal peoples across the world. For centuries, tribal lands have been referred to as ‘empty’ in order to justify their theft for commercial, military or conservation reasons. After all, if a region is uninhabited, so the expedient thinking goes, there are by definition no human rights to address. Similarly, racist prejudices – the labeling of tribal peoples as ‘backward’, ‘uncivilized’ or ‘savage’ – have inculcated a popular attitude of disrespect and fear, so underpinning (and even justifying, in the perpetrator’s mind), the appalling treatment to which tribal peoples have been subjected." (Joanna Eede, posted 11 October 2013, accessed 22 June 2014)
  • The myth of the 'Brutal Savage' by Survival International.
(11) There is no God.
(12) Experts are crucial to Learning and Life.
  • "Experts are clueless." (Steve Jobs)
  • "More and more, we are becoming taken in by the myth of experts and for most people the myth originates in school. Compulsory (or apparently compulsory), free education removes learning not only from the learner’s control, but also from the parents’ sphere of influence. Both parents and children are deskilled by a system that perpetuates the myth that expert teachers are central to real learning. The concept of skilled families is replaced by the notion of families who are either conforming, and consequently “good”, or non-conforming and consequently “bad” or at least dysfunctional. The notion of autonomous, rational children is replaced with the idea of dependent sub-humans, not fit to be treated as moral agents in their own right, with little or no insight into their own learning needs and goals..." (Jan Fortune-Wood, published 2003 in Life Learning Magazine, accessed online 26 January 2015)
(13) Modern education is great.
(14) 'All calories are equal' and 'Fat is the bad guy'.
  • NO! Calorie counting ignores the metabolic effect of each calorie. Calories are digested and energy is released differently, depending on the source. So, low-glycemic foods like fruit are good for you, as they raise your blood sugar and insulin levels gradually. Junk food is likely to be high-glycemic, spiking blood sugar and insulin, which in turn tends to create insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, as well as fat production. 
  • NO! Fat is a good guy. Foods with added sugars, typically processed carbohydrates are dangerous. Get a good intake of super-healthy fats like olive oil, coconut butter, nuts and avocado. 
  • In both cases, avoid processed foods!!
  • Explore this with Harvard Medical School and the work of Dr Robert Lustig
(15) Independence comes from Harsh Discipline.
(16) Socialisation comes from Schools.
  • NO! Socialisation in schools is extremely unnatural - see here.
(17) Pesticide use is essential for Feeding a Growing Population.
  • NO! Pesticides kill the pollinators on which crops depend. Pesticide use is ecocide. See here
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